We believe that the best strategy for North American competitiveness lies in freight logistics, and operational efficiencies, innovative supply chains technologies, and skilled workforce training programs. We also believe that the only way to achieve results and success is from the grassroots level – the local, state and provincial governments partnering with industry expertise.

The voice of our public and private partnerships coupled with connections across the continent are what NASCO does best!

Our North American Strategy
· Improve the North American supply chain, logistics systems and transportation network
· Eliminate unnecessary trade barriers and reduce cross border inefficiencies
· Strengthen the quality of the North American workforce
· Promote North American energy independence, security and opportunity

We are dedicated to informing ALL North Americans of the critical role that the supply chain, logistics, trade and a skilled workforce play in the economic growth and competitiveness of all citizens, regions and the North American continent as a whole.

In 2014, we celebrated our 20th anniversary. We now look with great excitement, and a sense of urgency and responsibility, toward our next 20 years.

You may have already noticed, but we are proud to unveil our new THINK NORTH AMERICAN campaign this year. NASCO is a powerful voice leading the effort to keep North America constantly on the minds of individuals, industry, government agencies, legislators and the media. But we have only just begun.

If you are not a member of NASCO, you are missing out! Please contact us for information on membership at any time. Enjoy reading more about NASCO and remember to THINK NORTH AMERICAN.